Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including, but not limited to:

  • Marriage
  • Civil Unions
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Issues arising during marriage, including spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse and child abduction.
  • The termination of the relationship and ancillary matters including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, parental responsibility, child custody, child support and visitation.

Cases involving child support, custody and support are civil cases and require a family attorney. All parties involved are responsible for hiring their own family attorney and paying their fees. When choosing a lawyer, recognize that the law is not only a profession but also a business. You will need to pay for an attorney to assist you in obtaining custody or visitation or help you to get child support or collect child support ordered. An experienced family attorney will evaluate your case and decide whether or not to take your case. His/her decision to take your case will depend upon several factors. These include the costs, time and effort, as well as the potential for collection of fees.

In cases regarding children from a marriage it is always a good idea to have an experienced family attorney working for you and the best interest of your children. Contact a family attorney today.

The search for a family attorney can take time and perseverance. There are several ways to find a family attorney that fits your best. Many times a family attorney is chosen due to the recommendation of friends. They can give you insight to the attorney’s character and competence. Another way to find a family attorney is through a referral service. Although not as person as a recommendation from a friend, these services are quite reliable in recommending a family attorney. The attorneys they recommend are usually a member of a bar association. The yellow pages and other advertisements can also be utilized. If you are a member of a pre-paid legal plan you may be covered for family law matters. If not covered, they sometimes will pay for so many hours of consultation or offer a reduced payment fee for certain services.

Once you have decided to hire a family attorney and the attorney decides to take your case, be sure to disclose all information pertaining to the case. This will give the attorney the best chance of attaining the outcome that you desire. Remember, it is really a working relationship between your family attorney and yourself. You are both working towards the same goal and he needs all the information that you can provide.

Your family attorney will bring you through the case step-by-step. This will allow you to know the procedures and the anticipated timelines of every aspect of your case. You can expect to be contacted regularly by your family attorney to give you updates on your case. You can set up a method of contact that works best for you and is reasonable for your attorney. Clear communication between you and your attorney is very important.